Public Insurance Programs and Children with Special Health Care Needs

A Tutorial on the Basics of Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

This tutorial gives a broad overview of Medicaid and CHIP, the many different populations these programs serve, the changes they are undergoing under health reform, and some detail to help readers think about opportunities to improve access to coverage for CSHCN through communication and collaboration with Medicaid and CHIP staff. The tutorial starts with an overview of how definitions of CSHCN may vary by agency or program, followed by eight major topic areas and then recommendations for steps Title V programs can take to build successful partnerships with public insurance programs.

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Medicaid tutorial cover.

Complete document: Public Insurance Programs and Children with Special Health Care Needs: A Tutorial on the Basics of Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) [PDF, 56 pages]


Introduction [PDF]

Section 1.

Section 1: How Do Different Systems Define and Think about Children with Special Health Care Needs? [PDF]

Section 2.

Section 2: The Basics: What Are Medicaid and CHIP? [PDF]

Section 3.

Section 3: Building Partnerships: What Kinds of Partnerships Between Title V and Medicaid/CHIP Are Required and Feasible to Build? [PDF]

Section 4.

Section 4: Pathways to Coverage [PDF]

Section 5.

Section 5: Covered Services: What Will Medicaid and CHIP Pay For? [PDF]

Section 6.

Section 6: Financing: How Do Medicaid and CHIP Dollars Flow? [PDF]

Section 7.

Section 7: Service Delivery Models: How Do States Deliver Health Care Services to Children Enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP? [PDF]

Section 8.

Section 8: Quality Measurement and Improvement [PDF]

Section 9.

Section 9: What's New Under the Affordable Care Act? [PDF]

Section 10.

Section 10: Next Steps: Making the Case for Successful Partnerships in Your State [PDF]

Section 11.

Section 11: TEFRA/Katie Beckett Option: A Pathway to Medicaid for Children with Disabilities [PDF]


Appendix: Selected Resources [PDF]

Fun and Games with a Serious Goal

What have you learned in this tutorial? Test your knowledge:

Medicaid Tutorial Jeopardy Game (Powerpoint).

Download the Powerpoint Jeopardy-style Game [PPT] to test your knowledge of Medicaid and CHIP [PPT]

Game instructions and answer key [PDF]
Medicaid Tutorial Crossword Puzzle.

Medicaid Tutorial Crossword Puzzle [PDF]

Stuck? Here's the crossword puzzle answer key [PDF]

For more resources related to Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program, please visit our Medicaid-related resources page.

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